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theosophical faq

Oct 12, 1993 08:29 AM
by eldon

Brenda posted the following yesterday morning. I did not get a
copy from "theos-l", so I'm reposting it for her:

                           Eldon Tucker


This is from Brenda Tucker.

Here's an old faq file on fractals I thought might be interesting.

What is fractint?
How does fractint achieve its speed?
Where can I obtain software packages to generate fractals?
Where can I obtain fractal papers?
Where can I get fractal T-shirts and posters?
How does anonymous ftp work?
What if I can't use ftp to access files?
Where is archieved?
I want to learn about fractals.  What should I read first?
What is the Mandelbrot set?
How is the Mandelbrot set actually computed?
Why do you start with z-0?
What are the bounds of the Mandelbrot set?  When does it diverge?
How can I speed up Mandelbrot set generation?
What is the area of the Mandelbrot set?
What can you say about the structure of the Mandelbrot set?
Is the Mandelbrot set connected?
What is the difference between the Mandelbrot set and a Julia set?
What is the connection between the Mandelbrot set and Julia sets?
How is a Julia set actually computed?
What are some Julia set facts?
How does complex arithmetic work?
How does quaternion arthmetic work?
What is the Iterated function system (IFS)?
What is the state of fractal compression?
How can you make a chaotic oscillator?
How are fractal mountains generated?
What are plasma clouds?
Where are the popular periodically-forced Lyapunov fractals
What are Lyapunov exponents?
How can Lyapunov exponents be calculated?
What is the logistic equation?
What is chaos?
What is nonlinearity?  What are nonlinear equations?
What is a fractal?  What are some examples of fractals?
What is fractal dimension?  How is it calculated?
What is topological dimension?
What is a strange attractor?
How can I join the BITNET fractal discussion?
How can 3-D fractals be generated?
What are some general references on fractals and chaos?

This file was in existence on Nov 16, 1992.  Now that I've seen a faq,
I thought I'd try my own.  Here is an example of an answer found from
the above file; most are fairly short answers.

Q8a What is the difference between the Mandelbrot set and a Julia set?
A8a The Mandelbrot set iterates z^2+c with z starting at 0 and varying
c.  The Julia set iterates z^2+c for fixed c and varying starting z
values.  That is, the Mandelbrot set is in parameter space (c-plane)
while the Julia set is in dynamical or variable space (z-plane).

What is theosophy?
How was the Theosophical Society founded?
Where do I write to become a member?
What is included in membership?
Where are the lodges and study centers?
Who can I write to if I have questions about theosophy?
What if I can't reorder my life to live the theosophical precepts?
Where are the International theosophical groups?
I want to begin reading about theosophy.  What should I read first?
What is Karma?
How are all of the Karmic records kept in order?
What should I do about my personality?
Can you describe life on the inner planes other than the astral
Do I have to give up my life in the world to begin an inward
If I reach a higher state of consciousness, is there a guarantee
     that I will reach it again?
What happens to the lower vehicles when the emphasis is shifted
     out of their life and into the life of the higher vehicles?
How will other people react to a keen interest in theosophy?
What is the difference between a theosophical life and a religious
     life?  scientific life?  philosophical life?
What is the connection between people of other races?
How is reincarnation determined?  May I choose now what I will
     do with my next life?
What are some famous reincarnation stories?
How does meditation work?
How does prayer work?
What is the hierarchy of adepts?
What is the goal of life?
How can you improve the world for the benefit of everyone?
How can I purify my atmosphere and that of others?
What is life like after death?
Where are the current theosophists working?
What are the benefits of attending theosophical events?
How can we reach an appreciation of unity?
What are the most intelligent men in the world living like?
What is creation?
What are cycles?  What is cyclic evolution?
What is the future of theosophy?  Are there some present examples
     of the future races?
What is available from the Headquarters of The Theosophical
     Society?  What are the costs?
What are the benefits of being vegetarian?
What other qualifications are there for approaching the work
     towards adeptship?
How can brotherhood be fostered among all people?
What are some of the general difficulties that theosophists
     are sure to face?

Q18 How will people react to a keen interest in theosophy?
A18 Some people will ridicule these thoughts as they do all religious
leanings.  In the interest of furthering the business consciousness,
they will wear a mask that pretends they are suited to their position
in the economical framework.  Secretly this same person will prefer
self-development and helping their fellowmen above all else in life,
but may feel there just isn't enough time in the day to accomplish much
in this regard, considering all of their worldly responsibilities.
Some people will find you interesting to listen to, but prefer not to
direct their own thinking and living in these directions.  They will
secretly think that you are not well-adjusted to the "real" life.  Some
people may prefer not to converse in this modality, but only to take
care of the details of everyday life with both their heart and mind
actively engaged in the best way they can.

Would anyone else like to try

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