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Re: hastened evolution

Oct 11, 1993 01:43 PM
by Michael W. Grenier

Eldon writes:

>I do not personally think that psychic development is a necessary
>intermediate stage of development between the start of things and
>chelaship. It does not provide a bridge between ordinary awareness
>and the spiritual/divine nature of man. It provides access to the
>globe D personality to senses of coming subraces, but is unrelated
>to the hastened spiritual development possible by stepping beyond
>the grand sweep of evolution of the human lifewave.

Is such a view selfish? In this world, there is so much suffering yet
the increased sensitivity provided by psychic development can
be used to provide some relief. The ability to sympathetically feel or
see another's astral and mental auras can be a great aid in helping
to understand how others feel and think. This, in turn, can help one
provide better solutions to their problems.

I'm not suggesting that we should rush out and develop psychic
abilities for the very reasons you described in previous letters, but
neither should we ignore the possible benefits of such abilitites.

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