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RE: manner of writing

Oct 08, 1993 06:28 AM
by 91484615


I have been enjoying your discourse, and wanted to comment and ask
some questions. About truth, the first two varities of untruth seem
clearly wrong, but the third; do you suggest that we as theosophists
attempt to engage everyone with mistaken ideas?  Many people will
fight to defend their beliefs without any concern for their validitity.
The principle of ahhimsa has been said to superceed that of truth
(Hindu tradition) in this context the practice of truth is to follow
the principle of harmlessness, if a truth will harm another it is
kinder that we do not show it to them. I beleive that Krishnamurti
professed the same idea.

On magic; I agree there are risks, but I find the requirement of a
perfect personality to exclude the use of magic by meer humans. I
beleive that magic is a tool that can be used to further a persons
efforts at service. This type of use is not without risks, but neither
is life. To use magic for personal gain, or to harm others is to
invite disaster, I agree with your warnings in this regard.

Thank you for the thought provoking messages.

Jay Amundson

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