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my comments

Oct 07, 1993 08:30 AM
by eldon

My comments earlier this morning were just some more thoughts on the
nature of psychic powers. I did not go into magic, which would be
enhancing the kama-pranic powers of the personality.

I still want to comment more particularly regarding Jerry S.'s
email on the role of T.S.'s, perhaps later this morning.

Although I don't want to establish an *absolute* rule against ever
cultivating psychic capabilities, I do feel that their unsupervised
development, without the guidence of a Master or skilled Chela, and
without a specific purpose to do good in the world for their use,
is far more dangerous than a teenager's unsupervised experimentation
with drugs. The danger is not in simply being distracted from one's
spiritual evolution, but rather the putting oneself open to influences
of a negative kind.

There is a "guardian wall" of the senses that protects us from harmful
outside influences, some for spiritual evil, and a grave warning should
be made to would-be experimenters. The type of injury possible far
exceeds maddness or death in a particular lifetime. The danger is the
risk of having karmic seeds sown of a very negative kind, seeds with
the potential to put one's feet on the downward, left-hand path.
Absolute purity of intent, pure motivation, and a spotless personality
are really necessary, and there are very few so purified.

                                 Eldon Tucker

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