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Oct 02, 1993 02:13 PM
by John Mead

Hi --
in reference to the Theo Help file which Mike commented on.
The problem with the "Essays on Disks Presents" line is
actually a misinterpretation of the picture??
I think that if you are complaining about the overlapping
"k" on Disks with the "p" in Presents,  this is the way I have always
seen it displayed.  In other words,  it does it on all of my copies
and I have assumed that Don intentionally did this as an Artistic
measure!  :-)

I Thoght Don *meant* it to look like that!

Perhaps *I'm* mistaken. if so -- then I have bad copies of the Help
file too!

Peace --

John E. Mead
"Helms happens - but is it Art"
is one of my favorite NC bumper stickers.

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