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theo.exe selfextracting zip file

Sep 24, 1993 06:17 PM
by John Mead

Hi --

I just sent Mike a copy of the uuencoded theo.exe help file
which Don has placed on Compuserve for public access.

I also put 1) theo.exe and 2) theo.uu
on /pub/eldo/theos-l at

the ftp access worked well.

Thanks for the help from both of you!

Take care!

John Mead

mike - if the theo.uu file I sent to you via e-mail has problems,
let me know!  I'll remake and resend.

p.s.  I heard that the Archive might be ready by Monday (here at vnet).
prior experience implies it might be a week late. :-)

They will have FTP available but at a later dat (1-2 months??? a guess).
(i.e. FTP public access INTO vnet).
We may want a couple of place to leave stuff for Public access??


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