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The Movement Moves

Sep 23, 1993 00:00 AM
by Michael R. Meyer


So many messages today! At least they aren't ten pages long -- as some
used to be!

Taking off from Jerry H-E's statement:

To say that Ruhyar's interest in Theosophy was incidental to his many
other interests is twisted! It is rather the other way around. But he
didn't call it "Theosophy" -- a word. And he didn't feel it necessary
or even desireable to parrot the words and phrases of the 19th century
formulation of Theosophy. But the <<Living Power of Theosophy>> was
focused through and poured through all his "other interests."

All those so called compiled "family trees" are incomplete. What about
Julia ver Planck (Jasper Neimand), Arch K., Claude Wright Falls,
Hargrove, Percival, et al? And what about Bhavani Shankar. Just
because a <<CYCLE>> of "teachers" doesn't leave traces or an
organizationg does not mean it  isn't viable, alive and a living power
in the world. The Living Power of Theosophy moves cyclically through
individuals in tune with the Whole -- not linearly through a line of
teachers or a lineage.

I agree, WQ Judge deserves a place on any theosophical reading list.
Rudhyar often pointed people to the writings of WQJ. But, Rudhyar is,
and I know others will agree, a most important contributor to 20th
century theosophical thinking. The Movement moved through him , but
very few realiz he was, in conventional language, the living "head" of
a very potent and long theosophical "lineage" most today are entirely
unaware of. He seldom revealed it, sometimes denied it. But this isn't
something I feel comfortable discussing casually.

But, as I said, it's not really a line or linear, even though during
some phases of the life-cycle of a culture change occurs so slowly
that the cycle seems like a line. It's not a matter of repeating what
one's teacher said, of doing and acting in conformity to what was valid
and needed in some past and in some other place. The Cycle of Spiritual
Friends helps their younger brothers and sisters tune up to a resonate
with the <<MahatmaSphere>>, and with the Cyclic rhythms of the
evolutionary power we call the Theosophical Movement.

Unfortunately, this "approach" hasn't been given much attention amid
all the hoopla of World Teachers, Leaders and Successors.

Rudhyar's <<Rhythm of Wholeness>> deserves a special place on any
theosophical reading list. The shock is that Rudhyar's work has been
so long overlooked by theosophists!

Taking off from Eldon's mention of <<evaluate>>. Yes, evaluation is
important. But real Transformation is a matter of Resonating to new
quality's of personhood, mind and relatedness the Theosophical Movement
-- and the transcendental beings who guide and focus its currents --
attempt ceaselessly to introduce into the existential realm.
Evaluation -- and a certain kind of mental discipline and study -- is
required. But real Transformation is more than an intellectual pursuit
or comparative study. And one of the biggest traps lies in the glamour
that somehow Truth can be found in a book, a teaching or a doctrine.

Regarding the "Movement" conference planned for Krotona. It is planned
for the last Saturday of March. We are wanting for confirmation from
severalg"speakers" and "panelists".  More later.

Regarding submissions to the L-Theos Forum. I would like to see more
quality and less quantity.

Michael R. Meyer

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