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Eldon's message

Sep 17, 1993 08:12 PM

Hello Eldon and all:

       In response to #2 of your "questionaire":  I have often listened
to and enjoyed immensely the beautiful music coming from a virtuoso,
never thinking of how many cigarettes he or she smoked the day before or
if a coin was stolen with the same hand that also moved the inspired
bow.  Many a masterpiece i.e., the Bhagavad Gita, was written by one who
could not be identified as far as personality or personal history and
yet the merit of the work is intrinsic within the piece itself.

       You use the word "evaluate" to describe the process one would go
through as one reads theosophical material.  In other words: Should I
believe these words to have value in relationship to myself and others.
Philosophies are ideas, are thoughts, and thus they are mortal, and by
that limitation should be judged by their usefulness in the moment of a
particular circumstance ultimately.  Refrain from giving these human,
though divinely inspired thoughts the status of the "Gods", who alone
understand the nature of LAW, which lies beyond the human mental

       By the way, what DID Blavatsky smoke?.......Sarah......

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