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which ideas are theosophical? (fwd)

Sep 17, 1993 09:24 AM
by John Mead

> The original Theosophy of HPB emphasized certain teachings, an
> approach of learning and study and morals that might be characterized
> as a form of Jnana Yoga, a path of study and contemplation.

It is interesting that you mention this.  Theosophy is more an
attitude or Process than a Doctrine or set of beliefs.

> 1. Are the differences between the teachings of the different groups
>    merely a manner of emphasis and expression, or are some right and
>    others wrong?

I would lean toward a difference mostly in emphasis and expression.
I might add that it was nice to see the various societies working
together at the Parliament in Chicago.

>    (For example, did you know *what* Blavatsky smoked? Or the sort of
>    language that she'd use in polite company?)
> 3. Is it necessary to rewrite history to make theosophical authors
>    saintly, and to edit out offensive portions of their books in order
>    to preserve respect for their ideas?

Only the societal Elders seem to care much about this.(?)  When
compared to the modern media-scandals these seem very tame.
It actually enhances the "Human"-ness of the society,  which
is good.

>    (An example that I heard--correct me if I'm wrong and I don't mean
>    to single out CWL for special criticism--is that "The Inner Life"
>    was reprinted in an edition with all his mention of human society
>    on matters with water in the canals etc. edited out.)

I hadn't heard that one!

Peace --

John Mead

p.s. Thanks for the FTP site!  Have you put Don's Help-file
on it?

I think that he was waiting to receive comments before releasing
another version?

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