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Theos.hlp file

Sep 14, 1993 09:28 PM
by Gerald Schueler

I finally downloaded THEO.EXE from CompuServe's New Age forum and
read it.  Sorry this took so long.  I would like to compliment Don
and everyone who put it together.  Some thoughts:

Good Points.  I loved the pictures.  The use of graphics to
enhance and emphasize the ideas works well.  Also, the use of the
popup windows is great.

A not-so-good point.  As a member of the Pasadena TS, I was
rather shocked to find "Beliefs and Teachings" to include Planes,
Auras, Thought-Forms, and Chakras with a heavy emphasis on siddhas.
I was expecting Cycles, Karma and Reincarnation, and perhaps some
mention of a spiritual path with an emphasis on universal brotherhood.
Pasadena theosophists downplay chakras and never mention thought-forms
or siddhas.  Is Adyar agreed that these four areas are representative
of theosophical "beliefs and teachings?"

It doesn't bother me one way or another, personally, because I
am into magic and yoga myself.  But many theosophists are going
to get the idea that theosophy and occultism are synonymous.

Another point of interest is the list of theosophists mentioned.
I was a theosophist for 24 years before ever hearing of Dane Rhudyar
(I first heard of him through Don and this Study Group).  While this
is certainly OK, I can't help wonder why others like Olcott and
Judge are not even mentioned (?).

Overall, I like the concept very much.  Has there been any thought
given to making a second or third program, kind of like volumes
of a series?  I write this in the spirit of an honest critique, in
response to a request for such, but which is probably too late to
have much impact.


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