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publicity etc.

Sep 06, 1993 07:58 PM
by John Mead

Hi --

welcome to the "Newcomers"!  I am especially pleased to see this
becoming an "Ecumenical" Theosophy group!!!

I could very easily submit something similar to what we have been
placing in the _American Theosophist_, to _The Theosophist_ (adyar).
It would be easy to send the same paragraph (or two) to the
National groups listed on the back of _The Theosophist_ too.
I appreciate the idea.

As to getting the other Theosophy lodges involved, we would need
someone in their organiztion to work with? (my guess). any
volunteers?? (hint-hint)

Perhaps Michael Meyers could help represent the group (i.e.
make sure we get some exposure) at the Ecumenical Theosophy
Convention (I hope it is still goint to happen!).

Regarding PeaceNet...  why didn't this take off?
also --
I have some literature on "TogetherNet",  which is viewed
as the next generation Econet. It received ALOT
of exposure at the Parliament of World's Religions.
Certainly we could set up Internet Feeds to both of these.
(PeaceNet *and* a BBS on TogetherNet??  the Compuserve
network does not support feeds to Forums. I think).

I believe that there is ongoing work from/with the Parliament
Trustees to assure that TogetherNet becomes an International discussion
area/network for future Religious Pluralism communications.
TogetherNet seems to view it's mission in life as promoting precisely
the type of Forums (i.e. creating) which we are looking for.

There is an Internet on-line book called "The Electronic
Mystics Guide to the Internet" which we should get listed in.
I'll try and dig up the address.  The purpose of the book was
to centralize a source of these BBS's, Discussion Lists, etc.
for Internet hoppers.

Eldon --  do you want to buid a FAQ file??  you seem to have an
excellent idea.  We will need one in our LIbrary too. (no news on that
one yet)

I might add that Louise and I both picked up a horrible Cold/Sore-Throat
at the Parliament.  We got Home and literally collapsed.  I slept from
1am to 7pm today (18 hours).  I'm still tired.  Many people were
complaining that the air-conditioning was making their throat sore. I
think it was the beginning of a viral outbreak.  I am betting
that we picked up some exotic virus from India or Africa.  sigh.

Peace --

John Mead

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