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Update from the Parliament...

Sep 01, 1993 03:28 PM
by John Mead

Hi --

We have entered the stage of the Parliament where the peons (ME)
can go to various workshops,  while the religious leaders
can discuss the resolution that will be issued.

I have found refuge in the meditation room as my most popular
event.  The quiet and energy is terrific, and also mandatory for us
introverts who get stressed in crowds.

I went to a lecture on Auroville in India.  It is the Sri Aurobindo
international village as started by The Mother.  If you have never
heard of Sri Aurobindo, don't feel too bad.  The books are only
published by the Sri Aurobindo Trust,   and are not found in the
standard newAge Bookstores.  Rudyar called Sri Aurobindo
"the greatest mind and seer of modern India" (p. 26; Rythm of

These Global villages seem to be challenging the modern eco-political
concept of society.  It is a beautiful oasis constructed from
the desertification practice of western civilization.  It is amazing how
the land was reclaimed and is now beautiful forest etc.

It is nice to see everyone so friendly.  I should mention that the
incident on Monday ended with everyone dancing around the room...
holding hands etc.  The organizers/people are very prepared for almost
all conflict.  They have many facilitators and professional negotiators
to de-stress the few instances of unleashed emotion.  Rather impressive.

I did hear that the Greek Orthodox had pulled out.  They were
mysteriously absent from the start.  Apparantly they did not
want to be seen acknowledging any groups that are not monotheistic.
(I think this was directed at the Pagans rather than Hindu/Buddhist).
I want to get Tony Lysy over to Charlotte to give a talk to our
UU church about the conflicts he encountered.  Of course he might
be sworn to secrecy (??!!). :-)  If he ever stops running around
the Hotel with a Fire extinguisher I'll ask him.

Peace --

John Mead

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