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Update from the Parliament...

Aug 30, 1993 05:36 PM
by John Mead

Hi --

The Parliament has been going well,  until today.
The morning sessions were a "therapy" session where
people could discuss and air their emotions regarding their
"displacement" from several areas of the world.
The main key was to NOT mention any specific government or
religion,  but just to air the horrors experienced by
themselves (usually a result of some religious persecution).

One speaker from kashmir made an (innocent) mention of the
Indian government,  and the Hindu and Buddhist (and a Sikh?)
started shouting.  This was calmed down.  But then another person
mentioned a similar topic which really broke things up...
Needless to say the Fieldwork dept. staff looks stressed.
Oh well.

My wife and I noticed that the TS people have been in meetings
morning, afternoon, and evening now for 7 days!  I think
everyone is getting fatigued....  I sure am.  Most of us look tired.
I think we are going to take a day off and sight see.
The energy here has been very good (except this morning).

The sessions last three hours each (no breaks).  The side
seats (easy to leave from) seem to be getting much more popular.

The music last night was really good.  It was interlaced with
various spiritual readings and chants.  The group Akasha from
sweden was good (they play Sri Chimnoy's music).  It was interesting
that a few people did not like Arlo Guthrie !!??  Hmmm.  Perhaps
some generational gap within the TS?? :-)

Peace -

John Mead

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