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my fault on the theos-l glitch.

Aug 29, 1993 10:43 AM
by John Mead

Hi --

It appears that when I switched Don's (added a new one) address
I had an invalid one (my typing error).  Hence the List died on the
invalid address.
sorry.  This is a good example as to why it is better to
have the actual user send the subscribe and/or signoff commands.

Don --

The WINCODE sounds like a good idea.  Is it UUENCODE Compatible?
When I get~r to Charlotte,  I'll get a copy and see
if it is.   I'll check for a DOS version too.

Why don't you put the TheosHelp file in the Newage Library? (too)

So far things are going great at the Parliament!  I hope Louise will
send a report.  I'm not too good at that sort of thing.

Jay's address has become invalid???  has anyone else been
able to reach him?  maybe the school dropped his name from
the computer?  I may have his phone
number at home.  I'll call him when I get back to Charlotte.

We should have a few new people on Theos-l in a couple of weeks.
I made some conections in Olcott.

The other thing is that I found that America Online can get
Internet mail.  This may affect Bob Murdic??
Would you (Bob) rather have your mail go to your
address??  I think it is cheaper.

Don --- thanks for the information on alternate Internet
e-mail approaches.

Take Care

John Mead

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