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Don to Michael

Aug 24, 1993 07:58 AM
by Donald DeGracia


Thanks fro the nice comments.

Nope, I'm not in CA, I'm in Detroit MI.

<People say, of course, that Rudhyar is just too difficult.>

I've encountered this attitude too, which to me just goes to show how
superficial most people's interest in understanding things is.

Personally, I feel Culture, Crisis and Creativity is one of Rudhyar's
most profound works. This book was, as a matter of fact, the first
book of "occultism' that I ever read. I found a copy at a used
bookstore, took it home and read it and was absolutely amazed. Then I
read the back cover that called Rudhyar an "occultist" and I thought
to myself, "This is occultism?". At that point a whole new level of
learning opened up to me.

At that period in my life I was seeped in academic learning, mostly
scientific and social sciences, and I thought Culture, Crisis...was
one of the most profound social science works I have ever read.
And I still do as a matter of fact. This process that Rudhyar describes,
the process of "Civilization" that he defines in Culture, Crisis...  is
a brilliant concept with far reaching implications for prit near every
level of academic learning.  In the book I am presently writting the
major theme is exploring the thought of other social scientists in
light of Rudhyar's concept of Civilization.  A lot of other thinkers,
including such greats as Max Weber (a German sociologist), Daneil Bell
(an American sociologist), Karl Marx, and even Nietzsche taught ideas
that were faint glimmerings of Rudhyar's conception of Civilization.  I
intend to show that Rudhyar beat them all to the punch line.  The book
as well adresses the relevance of other, more traditional, occult
concepts towards the social sciences.  So, once again, Michael, thanks
for the comments.  I'm supposed to be in San Diego next year, perhaps
we can hook up if its convinient for both of us?

Don DeGracia

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