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Don's letter re Rudhyar

Aug 19, 1993 10:46 PM
by Michael R. Meyer

Don, et al.

Yes, Rudhyar was one of the great intellects of the century.  Not an
<intellectual>, but a Mind.

And, yes, as you seem to have experienced directly, that Mind lives and
can touch and help the resolute student.  What he wrote in <Rhythm of
Wholeness: A Total Affirmation of Being> Quest Books; 1983, wasn't mere
intellectual buh-buh.  Have you read the privately printed <Beyond
Personhood>? Remarkable work.  Really sheds new light on what Mahatmas
actually are, and at what levels they operate and how they may interact
with us.

People say, of course, that Rudhyar is just too difficult.  But in
<Rhythm of Wholeness> Rudhyar states that the way he outlines -- the
way of the future -- is not for the weak minded! HPB, of course, said
the same thing about Theosophy in the <Key>.  Rudhyar always felt very
close to HPB and linked with her Teacher/Spiritual Friend.

It's encouraging , even wonderful, to learn of your interest! Are you
in California? .  .  .  yet!

More later.

Michael R. Meyer

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