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Leonard, hypnogogia, ect.

Aug 19, 1993 07:54 PM
by Donald DeGracia


The offer for help with Windows is always open, so if you ever convert
over, feel free to ask for all the assistance you want.

<I am intrigued by this because I have long felt there has been too
little work on the 3rd object of the T.S., i.e., "To investigate
unexplained laws of nature and the powers latent in man.">

This is my one main objective! To me, this is the main utility I get
from Theosophy is that the teachings explain more clearly and
comprehensivley than any other occult system about the nature of
psychic abilities.  I am much less interested in other theosophical
topics, but the books about auras, thought-forms, clairvoyance, ect,
are the ones that interest me, and as well, are the some of the
absolutely best material on these topics available in the English

I'm overjoyed to hear that you have had some expereince with
hypnogogia.  I wasn't kidding when I said you can use this state as a
spring board into astral projections/lucid dreams.

<The occurences have all been "accidental" and very short in duration>

Most people have spontaneous accounts of hypnogogia, and most often the
imagery is very short lived.  Even at my best I've been able to stare
at an image for less than a minute.  Often its more a flickering in and
then its gone kind of thing.  Also, one circumstance I find myself in
frequently is that, I will be laying there falling off to sleep and be
starring at an image and not realize that its there.  Then, the second
I recognize it, I become just startled enough and the image dissapears.
That's interesting that you considered these images to be a bother.  I
guess if you are trying to fall asleep, then they would be! Still, the
nice thing about studying hypnogogia is that it doesn't take a lot of
effort to get the images.  Like I said, all you have to do is just
stare behind your eyes as you are falling off to sleep and keep you
attention up.  If you do this, you are guaranteed to see *something*.

Again, all this fits in with my philosophy that a teaching isn't worth
the price of the ink used to write it down if it can't lead to results.

So, I really encourage you to "practice" looking for these images.  Its
a great way to get into learning to eperience altered states of
consciousness and, once you get used to it, then it opens the door to
more extensive expereinces.

Again, if you have any questions or are unsure about anythng, or want
more detail on technique, just ask.  I'll help out in any way i can.

One thing that ties in nicely here and is also fairly easy to do, but
has long term bennifits as well, is keeping a dream journal.  If every
morning, right upon waking, you record your dreams, this will help
strenghthen the connection between your waking and dreaming minds.
Again, its easy: only 15 minutes or less when you wake up.  And the
long term bennifits are manifold.  One, it will actually help you
recall your hypnogogic expereinces.  Two, it is, like the hypnogogia, a
"primer" type excersice for learning how to astral project.  Also,
remembering your dreams and recording them will help you learn more
about the nature of dreams and the information they contain.  I think
its valid to view dreams as a means by which the subconscious speaks to
the conscious mind, and you will often find useful clues that will help
you get by in your everyday life from your dreams.

Thanks for the nice letter and good luck looking for the hypnogogic
images! Don

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