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Aug 19, 1993 06:38 PM
by Michael R. Meyer

Have been tuning into the Theos.  network over the past few days.  Feel
like I've walked into the middle of a discussion.  Waiting to learn how
to tap the backlog.

One thing, I haven't heard Rudhyar mentioned, discussed and recommended
so much in years!!! Since around 1975!

Since 1968 I was a principal associate of Rudhyar's.  He was indeed one
of the great hidden "Raja Stars" of the Theosophical Movement during
the 20th Century.

I suppose it was Nathan who suggested "Plantization of Consciousness"
and "Rhythm of Wholeness." Also add "Occult Preparations for a New Age"
(Quest Books, 1975) .  .  .  NOT an astrology book!

We are preparing for the school's Fall Term here at Krotona.  .  .  and
we are planning an extra special event here this Spring .  .  .  more
about that soon.

Michael R. Meyer
76220,131 (CompuServe)

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