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Don's Intro-Theos windows file - feedback

Aug 17, 1993 02:52 PM
by John Mead

Hi --

I received a few comments from Nathan (and John Algeo)
reagrding minor changes to Don's Theosophy Help file.

===========  four brief comments ==============

1. HPB Bibliography    --- DROP one written by Mead
ADD  new one by Sylvia Cranston

2. Leadbeater Bibliography --- DROP one by Tillet (not a good reference)

3. Add Rudyar selections ---
_Planetarisation of Consciousness_ and/or _Rythm of Wholeness_

4.  Add Information (Bibliography or etc)
a. Olcott
b. Judge
c. G. De Prucker (sp)

5. Some general discomfort with the user friendliness of the
system,  and limitations of the software (usuable only on/with
{ I find number 5. interesting...  It  probably says more
about Wheaton computer illiteracy than anything else???}


This is good sign ...  i.e. no major complaints.

The main problem with using it at the coming Parliament is mostly
one dealing with logistics (i.e. having a Computer out to
use ==> having one out to be stolen, etc.).

I am still waiting to hear if TPH wants the added responsibility
(i.e. to baby sit hardware during the week).  My comment was that
if they had inventory out on display *anyway*,  well ... a computer
is "harder" to walk off with (but more tempting??). Hmmmm...

I have volunteered to help set it up etc.;  However,  I'm not
sure that the People at TPH will want the responsibility.

In any case, I told them we (i.e. Don) were going to go ahead and
make the changes and then place it out there (Cyberspace) for public

Take Care --

John Mead

p.s.  Don --  if we get this distributed (i.e. post to CIS, and etc.)
we could then try a study Guide.(??)  It would be nice to get some
feedback from the other group members on this idea,  as well as
format etc.

Perhaps someone could volunteer a topic/Subject??

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